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Autism in women is overlooked far too often and far too readily. Autistic girls grow into autistic women—Autism does not up and vanish on our 18th birthday. As Autism in females continues through young adulthood, middle-age, and into old age, it is useful to have information relevant to our stage of life. Whether you are looking for support, education, inspiration, or connection, peruse the resources below:

LAURA JAMES - 5 things you should know about autism

SBS - Three things people don’t know about autistic girls and women.

BBC BREAKFAST – Late Diagnosis Autism

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Meet the Woman Diagnosed With Autism at 45 - Lorraine

ABC NEWS - Calls for a Greater, More Diverse Representation of Autism in Everyday Literature and Pop Culture:


Invisible Diversity: A Story Of Undiagnosed Autism | Carrie Beckwith-Fellows | TEDxVilnius

SparkDialog with Elizabeth Fernandez. Ep. 28: Autism Therapy and Zen – with guest Anlor Davin

Different Brains. A Different Brains Podcast. Spectrumly Speaking. Episode 18: Growing up Autistic in France: Featuring Guest Anlor Davin:

National Autistic Society  - Network Autism. Autism, ageing and women: not invisible, just ignored.

Healthline - Why I Fake Being ‘Normal’ – and Other Women with Autism Do, Too

Psychology Today - When a Late Diagnosis of Autism Is Life-Changing

SPECTRUM - The costs of camouflaging autism.

newsGP - Females with autism – From diagnosis to research

Women'sHealth - ‘I’m An Autistic Adult- Here’s What I Want You To Know’ Three women share how they learned to live (and thrive) with autism.

 The Art of Autism - Old Lady…New Diagnosis:

 THE NEW YORK TIMES - My Daughter and I Were Diagnosed With Autism on the Same Day:

BBC - It All Made Sense When We Found Out We Were Autistic:

Musings of an Aspie - Autism and Menopause: More Questions than Answers:

INDEPENDENT - WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BE DIAGNOSED WITH AUTISM AS A 45 YEAR OLD WOMAN - Laura James talks to The Independent about her long road to diagnosis:

Autism Understanding - Clinical Psychology Practice: 

Spectrum Suite - Celebrating Neaurodiversity Through Education.  Author Anlor Davin offers poignant insights regarding her honest and revealing memoir Being Seen, A memoir about me: an autistic mother, a French immigrant and a Zen student.

Yellow Lady Bugs

Autistic Women Everywhere

sharing our lives in words, pictures, & patterns

exploring our diagnosis stories

Autism Stories by Formally Diagnosed Autistic Women

A Free Autism Initiative & Resource For Women Diagnosed with Autism Late in Life.