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Grief On The Autism Spectrum

Grief on the Autism Spectrum

inner riches - an autistic woman's story of love & motherloss is out now on 


Autistic people grieve differently. Many on the autism spectrum can feel so profoundly that they are often overwhelmed by their emotions and cannot function through them. Autism can be like an invisible landmine. If one doesn't know they're autistic, the landmine can be unwittingly detonated, regardless of whether one functions well. Circumstances can change, and when they do, one may need support beyond what they could have dreamed. Are you grieving? Are you autistic? Or do you love someone on the autism spectrum? Michelle Dorothy Riksman's inner riches tells of Michelle's emotional upheaval following her mother's death. Discover how an autistic woman navigates her path to inner peace, reviving her motivation, excitement, and love of life after loss.

Learn more about inner riches and autistic author Michelle Dorothy Riksman at: 

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