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Formally Diagnosed Autistic Women Share Their Stories

Dear Potential AWE Contributor

You don't need to be an author to share your diagnosis story

To share your diagnosis story on AWE, you must be a woman (including

gender-diverse people) 18+ with a clinical diagnosis of autism.

Feel Free to offer Feedback Or to Share Your Diagnosis Story;

Fill in The Contact Form Below First; then AWE will take you to the Next Step.

AWE Contact Form

Formally Diagnosed Autistic Women

To share your diagnosis story,

fill in the contact form first;

then AWE will take you

to the next step.

Please don't submit your diagnosis story through the contact form.

Formally Diagnosed Autistic Women Tell Their Stories

Thank you for connecting with AWE. If you are a potential AWE contributor and want to share your diagnosis

story on AWE, I will email you with more information on how to contribute as soon as I can.

Best, Michelle Dorothy Riksman, Founder of Autistic Women Everywhere (AWE).

Autistic Women Everywhere Founder Michelle Dorothy Riksman


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Do you have a formal diagnosis of autism? 

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