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Janey Klunder


National Certificate in Administration

Higher National Certificate in Acting & Performance

I would like the non-autistic community to know that we don't stop needing support when we grow up.

Employment was a nightmare for me because of typical prejudices, and I would love it if employers could be a little more open-minded

Janey Klunder

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My name is Janey, and before I received my diagnosis of autism aged 23 I had no idea why I was so different from everyone else. My father admitted that he had "had his suspicions" when I was little but not done anything about it, so several of my schoolteachers suspected it too but never said anything! Getting the diagnosis was a huge relief and led me to meet some incredible individuals online that understand the struggles. After a while, I decided to write about my experiences - which led to a series of books that can be bought on Amazon! I am a mother to an amazing little boy, and I love movies, reading, the theatre and helping others.

Janey Klunder

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Janey Klunder is an Author of Four Kindle Books Available on Amazon

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